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Superior Workflow and Operational Efficiency

Client Segments

ETG builds technology solutions that service a wide array of client segments that conduct Foreign Exchange (FX) and Futures trading activities. We work with our clients to develop innovative solutions that integrate their entire business front-to-back, providing superior workflow and operational efficiency. ETG delivers quick-to-deploy, flexible and cost-effective solutions. ETG manages a robust and scalable infrastructure that can effortlessly handle millions of transactions and accommodate volume spikes seamlessly.

Products Covered
FX Spot
FX Forwards
FX Swaps
FX Vanilla Options
FX Exotic Options
Listed Futures
Precious Metals
Mission Control Features Client  Segments  
Asset Managers    Corporates    FX Intermediaries Prime Brokers
Trade Capture/STP
Manual Tally
Trade Reporting/STP
FXPB Integrations  
File Reporting to Fund Admins    
Order/Deal Processing  
Front Office P&L
Back Office P&L
Delta/Position Monitoring
Real-time P&L Attribution
FX Swap/Rollover Attribution
Market Data Feed
End of Day Settles
Interest Rate Curve
Client Credit Monitoring    
LP Credit Monitoring
Credit Alerts    
FX Options Expiration
Trade Blotter
Intraday Reports
End of Day Reports
Static Data/Mapping Management
Client Reporting    
Custom Reports
Report Export
Trade/Deal Editor
Secure Login
Custom White-Label/Theme    
Mobile Browser Support
24hour Support
Live GUI
Denotes Premium Feature