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Our History

The history of Elysium Technology Group begins in 2002 when entrepreneurs, Ed Mount and Andy Siciliano, joined together to establish a private trading firm focused on foreign exchange, options and futures called Elysium Capital Group. When the co-founders searched vendors and traditional banks for essential software services to power their business, they were unable to find viable solutions.

Elysium Technology Group was formed to act as the technology arm of Elysium Capital Group. Mount, a practiced trader with experience managing large derivative businesses, along with Mark Rosenfeld and Lo Shih, structured the architecture of ETG’s proprietary software, MPTracker, from a front office perspective, while including forward-thinking planning to adapt to the ever-changing reporting requirements of a first rate trading and asset management business. ETG’s philosophy is to build and develop systems specific to the Foreign Exchange, yet flexible enough to grow with a firm at an affordable price.

In building an asset management business, Elysium Capital Group took the evolutionary step and used MP Tracker to manage over $200 million over various managed accounts, across multiple asset classes while reporting to several different prime brokers, execution platforms, administrators and investors. And this was accomplished with a single operations headcount versus a traditional operations management model of employing multiple back-office staff per front office personnel.

Over the next five years, Elysium expanded MP Tracker into a suite of products, MPT Manager, MPT FX Agency, TradeTracker and MPT Managed Accounts. In 2007, Elysium Technology Group officially formed as a commercial business providing exceptional post-trade processing solutions for the financial services industry.

From the very beginning, ETG hand selected experienced software engineers and business users to design, develop, and continually perfect leading technology solutions for its clients. The core technology team has worked together for over 10 years. ETG is on the leading edge of new capabilities and provides technology solutions that make the most impact to clients.

Today, Elysium Technology Group services dozens of clients trading futures and foreign exchange spot, forwards, NDFs and options across a broad array of businesses. Elysium Technology Group has offices in Illinois, Connecticut, and Virginia.