Peter Byrnes

- Vice President, Networks and Infrastructure
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Peter is responsible for all operations and maintenance associated with ETG’s complex networks and servers. His strengths lie in his vast experience and his flexible thinking approach that focuses on finding the most reliable solution even if it is an unconventional one for the industry. During his tenure, Peter led a full scale infrastructure conversion to a more robust model that was scalable and could better accommodate ETG’s clients. He also created and implemented ETG’s new PB flat file reporting system. Peter is married with two children. Prior to joining ETG, Peter was the VP of Infrastructure at ifbyphone where he designed the server and telco structure. He was the Director of AMS Architecture and Design at Edison Schools, Chief Starship Engineer at Edventions and was promoted to CTO of Anteros Capital Markets after holding the Director of Systems Administration position. Peter earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California and his Masters degree from the University of Virginia.