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What is Mission Control?
The Workhorse of Your Trading Business

Mission Control is 100% cloud-based and provides a neutral ticking dashboard for the monitoring of live positions, trades, credit, reconciliation and P&L across multiple prime brokers and execution platforms. Working in the cloud means that clients experience advantages such as scalability, rapid failover, cost savings and a nimble development environment. Because Mission Control is hosted centrally and deployed as a service so there is no need to budget for additional hardware or technical engineers. Plus, your end client benefits from white label client access which provides real time information, live client summaries including account balances, margin usage and positions.

An Enterprise Solution With Proven Reliability

Mission Control was developed in-house on our proven MPTracker framework to enable FX and Futures market participants’ access to post-trade processing, risk management, and customized client reporting. Configurable to meet the requirements of client segments including: asset managers, corporates, FX intermediaries, proprietary trading groups, prime brokers, and more. Elysium Technology Group (ETG) is the leading innovator of post trade solutions for the FX and futures industries. ETG provides well-engineered, hosted, real-time solutions that address our client’s complex problems and workflows.

Features & Benefits
Real-Time Positions and P&L

Actively monitor P&L of trades, positions, deltas, and more

Powerful Network

Offers trade capture to over 50 FX and Futures venues providing access to 100’s of liquidity providers


Cloud based software can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of enterprise software and does not require on site IT staffing


Trades are captured at point of execution and routed seamlessly through the entire post-trade cycle


Leverage our integration capabilities to all major liquidity and prime brokerage venues around the globe

World Class Operations

Organization is recognized for expertise in the FX and Futures industries. Client service center is available 24 hours a day.

Powerful Network Integration Partners

Automated Trade Capture from the following Execution Platforms (Aggregators, ECNs, Single Bank)


Outbound Trade Reporting to the following platforms


FX Prime Broker and FCM Integrations


Customized Reporting for You and Your Clients

Regulatory Compliant

ETG was quick to respond to new industry requirements with a dedicated module for regulatory reporting. ETG developed a compliant portfolio reconciliation tool to aid clients in meeting their regulatory reporting requirements for Dodd Frank and EMIR. The real time reporting tool provides reports for various entities such as SDR’s. It supports mid-market quote reporting, creation and retention of required static data, and support for specific regulated products like NDF and FX Options.

White Label Client Reporting

Mission Control reaches beyond ETG’s immediate client base with the Client Mission Control White Label solution. For ETG, progression in the post trade services environment is not only caring for the needs of our clients but also giving them really valuable tools that they can pass on to their client base. The White Label solution provides access to real time information, intraday and end of day client statements.

Management Metrics Reporting

The highly customized Management Metrics reports are designed for managers to evaluate their business. In an effort to provide our clients with powerful data around their activity we have live and historical reports around key metrics for your business. This includes volumes, trade counts, counter party score cards, P&L and more.

Advance Your Institutional Knowledge

The Elysium Approach
Innovative Post Trade

ETG’s core executive team has over 20 years combined experience in the FX industry and have established themselves as thought leaders in the space. They recognized the urgent need to replace old legacy enterprise systems with nimble, lightweight cloud applications. ETG continually implements innovative technology solutions to provide first-rate performance. ETG has even developed bespoke applications to meet the specific needs of clients.

DevOps Implementation

ETG utilizes a three step methodology to rapidly implement Mission Control. ETG adopted the DevOps method for software development. At the core of DevOps is strong communication, collaboration and a true partnership between software developers and IT operations. DevOps accelerates the software delivery lifecycle in many ways including using automation tools. Clients appreciate the real time access to exactly what is going on with their deployment.

Cloud Deployment

ETG can embrace DevOps because the flagship product, Mission Control, is a cloud based solution. Clients experience the many advantages of a cloud environment such as scalability, rapid failover, cost savings and a nimble development environment.

Superior Workflow and Operational Efficiency

Client Segments

ETG builds technology solutions that service a wide array of client segments that conduct Foreign Exchange (FX) and Futures trading activities. We work with our clients to develop innovative solutions that integrate their entire business front-to-back, providing superior workflow and operational efficiency. ETG delivers quick-to-deploy, flexible and cost-effective solutions. ETG manages a robust and scalable infrastructure that can effortlessly handle millions of transactions and accommodate volume spikes seamlessly.

Products Covered
FX Spot
FX Forwards
FX Swaps
FX Vanilla Options
FX Exotic Options
Listed Futures
Precious Metals
Mission Control Features Client  Segments
Asset Managers    Corporates    FX Intermediaries Prime Brokers
Trade Capture/STP
Manual Tally
Trade Reporting/STP
FXPB Integrations
File Reporting to Fund Admins
Order/Deal Processing
Front Office P&L
Back Office P&L
Delta/Position Monitoring
Real-time P&L Attribution
FX Swap/Rollover Attribution
Market Data Feed
End of Day Settles
Interest Rate Curve
Client Credit Monitoring
LP Credit Monitoring
Credit Alerts
FX Options Expiration
Trade Blotter
Intraday Reports
End of Day Reports
Static Data/Mapping Management
Client Reporting
Custom Reports
Report Export
Trade/Deal Editor
Secure Login
Custom White-Label/Theme
Mobile Browser Support
24hour Support
Live GUI
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