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Fill Station

Fill Station was developed to significantly improve trade monitoring for the front office and is the latest innovation in exceptional post trade processing solutions for the foreign exchange and futures industries.

Fill Station takes care of downstream reporting, ticket netting, order aggregation, cancel rebooks and trade allocation. It binds to multiple execution platforms through processing servers that write fill information directly to the application data store. Because there is a direct path, users have the ability to see their positions across multiple platforms while working on orders, without interruptions from necessary middle back office trade flow requirements.


Based on industry best practices, GridIron is an execution platform developed by ETG that combines FX trading API feeds from both single banks and ECNs. GridIron was predominately used by the Elysium Capital Global Macro Fund while the group was still actively trading. Although GridIron was officially decommissioned in 2012, several components of GridIron, including our market data feeds and pricing provisioning engines, are utilized today in our middle and back office solutions.


Speed, ease of use and accuracy are critical components in the FX business. TradePunch is a uniquely designed touch screen application that runs on any tablet device. It was designed with easy trade entry screens that allow our clients to securely enter trades faster and more efficiently.


EasyX was designed to be an anonymous matching and clearing portal for the FX options industry. Using regulatory requirements as its foundation, EasyX combines industry best practices with cutting edge notification and messaging technologies.


BizCast is Elysium’s mobile application designed to allow users of Mission Control access to key features and functionality from their mobile device. The BizCast framework was designed to be event notification driven and can publish analytics like client activity, credit alerts, client behavior and key client trends.

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