Automate your post-trade processing and expedite your settlement routine with Elysium MatchHub. MatchHub is a centralized post-trade matching and netting engine for FX and Crypto trades, settlement messages and payment notifications. Streamline your back office with MatchHub today!

Trade Matching

Post-trade matching in MatchHub happens between counterparties across products. MatchHub provides the most efficient automation of trade clearing and settlement, as well as managing counterparty risk.

Real Time Notifications

The Matching Engine is connected directly to the MatchHub Event API, which publishes live updates of status changes over FIX or REST, and populates the MatchHub GUI. Users can mitigate risk by subscribing to events and receiving instant updates. This allows for full post-trade matching transparency.

AI Alerting

MatchHub uses machine learning for anomaly detection and condition monitoring. This provides data-driven alerting by trading relationship. Be notified as soon as something looks wrong, instead of waiting for an interval break report.

Trade Netting

Post-match netting of trade tickets provides users a reduction in ticket counts, reducing complexity in operations. Configurable netting parameters allow long and short aggregation by trading relationship.
MatchHub also features clearing entity aggregation, which allows for even greater compression.

Developer Kits

MatchHub offers licensed SDKs (Software Development Kits) in Python, Java, and Node.js for non-FIX integrations. This helps ensure that
members can communicate with MatchHub effectively and enables rapid connectivity to begin leveraging MatchHub features.

MatchHub Dashboard

MatchHub members have access to participate in a general peer-to-peer matching hub. Once a firm has access, they can request a trading relationship with another firm. Upon approval from both sides, trades can be reported by either party for matching. This enables new trading relationships to be set up without involvement or coordination with the MatchHub onboarding team. Firms can manage their own aggregation schedules if utilizing netting functionality and independently subscribe to status updates. Peer to Peer hubs are commonly used for reconciliation between firms.

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