Managed Futures Market Now Served By Elysium Technology Group

Elysium Technology Group (ETG) revealed a new strategic direction for the company that furthers its proprietary and cutting edge technology solutions into the Managed Futures market. Expanding into a new asset class reinforces ETG’s position as a leader in innovative and exceptional post trade processing solutions. The company completed a beta phase at the end of 2011, upgraded five clients to the full scale solution and recently hired industry expert George Shinn to spearhead further growth.

Roque Castro, Head of Business Development and Sales at ETG commented,

“We are excited that Shinn is now leading Managed Futures Sales at ETG. We know his 15 years of industry experience in Managed Futures and professional network will provide terrific insight for our business.”

Previously, Shinn was the Senior Vice President of Institutional Business with FIXI, LLC identifying talented FX traders for potential allocations and developing institutional brokerage relationships in the US and abroad.

Last year’s redesigned architecture of ETG’s MPTracker Suite of Products with MongoDB, was a first in the Foreign Exchange industry and was one step towards branching out to proprietary traders. “We are taking full advantage of Mongo DB and we upgraded our futures capabilities to fall into the new architecture environment,” commented Mark Rosenfeld, CTO of ETG. “We’ve essentially combined FX and Futures into one robust solution that can serve a broader audience.”

“The new version was designed to service different types of clients from introducing brokers to commodity trading advisors,” said Shinn. “We can serve a variety of investors from a single portal which is a real benefit to ETG’s clients.”

Businesses utilizing multiple clearing firms will see a real change in their day to day operations. The new portal is a seamless way to access FCM’s in a centralized environment which is essential. Another advantage to ETG’s portal is the real time control and access to data. In the Managed Futures market, it is not uncommon for traders to access five different sites to retrieve necessary information. ETG removes this step by providing real time control through a centralized window.

ETG’s MPTracker Suite of Products provides complete FX post-trade processing, risk management, and customized client reporting to institutional FX market participants including Hedge Funds, Banks, Asset Managers, CTA’s and Proprietary Trading Firms.

Elysium Vision

To leverage the power of advances in data technology to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our client’s FX trading operations by delivering superior solutions.


Elysium has offices in Connecticut, Illinois, and Virginia.