Elysium Technology Group and TradAir, jointly develop seamless integration solution

—Chicago, IL and New York, NY—Leaders in the FX industry, Elysium Technology Group (Elysium) and TradAir, are proud to announce a new alliance that brings a fully integrated, next generation front to back FX solution to the industry.

Elysium, an innovator in exceptional post-trade technology, integrated its middle and back-office solution, Mission Control, with TradAir, a leading provider of cloud-based front-office e-FX trading optimization solutions. Together, they deliver a unique and mutually enhanced offering to sell and buy side customers.

Several clients are now live on the combined integration between TradAir White Label Solution + Elysium Mission Control, which have already made a significant impact on their businesses.

Douglas Borthwick, Managing Director, Head of Foreign Exchange at Chapdelaine & Co, speaking about the seamless integration added that;

“As a leading FX agency broker, efficient post-trade services are hugely important to us, and we been really pleased that ‘out-of-the-box’, the Elysium and TradAir, execution plus post trade integration has worked without any issues.”

In terms of the overall partnership between the two companies; Brian Andreyko, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at TradAir commented;

“Elysium Technology Group is an ideal partner for TradAir, as we are both dedicated to providing innovative technology and can combine our respective expertise to create superior front to back FX solutions. We anticipate a strong and mutually beneficial relationship as we deliver best in class solutions to the FX community.”

Elysium and TradAir both leverage cloud based solutions, making integration and working together a natural fit. Both platforms are delivered through a hybrid-hosting model residing in the Amazon cloud and Equinix data centers ensuring high availability and low latency.

Roque Castro, Head of Business Development for Elysium, added;

“We have found tremendous synergies between our business strategies and FX technology solutions. I am confident that we can both add value to each other’s client offerings. Like Brian, I look forward to developing our alliance and bringing together our talent and proficiency to take advantage of new market opportunities.”

The companies will work together to aggressively expand their coordinated roll outs throughout 2016.

Elysium Vision

To leverage the power of advances in data technology to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our client’s FX trading operations by delivering superior solutions.


Elysium has offices in Connecticut, Illinois, and Virginia.